Testimonials from Families

"Mamaw is the best teacher ever. I thought my daughter was not going to like her, but her and mamaw are like mother and daughter . She loves her and I do too. She makes my daughter smile and laugh. I am so happy the Lord put mamaw in our life. She has helped her be more open and when I see her and mamaw together all I see is love."

- Ashley

"I want to say thank you to Our Fathers Child Care because it has been a blessing for my family. Being good parents and wanting what's best for your child can be stressful enough, but I can honestly say that I'm relieved that my children are in the care of such wonderful caregivers. For about 4 years now, we have been attending Our Fathers Child and have watched our children grow, learn, and become such knowledgeable people - thanks to OFC . I want to personally thank Ms Linda. My children love her. The teachers' nurturing, caring, and huge hearts will remain with us in the years ahead. I would like to thank the staff for the excellent care and teaching they give to our children."

God Bless, Wendy

"Thank you for working with our family. Our Fathers Child has truly been a blessing for my family. I don't know what I would have done without you. I am very proud to say my kids go to your center. You have a wonderful staff."

- Desiree