Full-time / part-time / drop-in / before and after school care

At Our Fathers Child Care, we wish to meet all families' needs. We offer a variety of hourly rates and are happy to meet with every family to discuss the hours and days needed.

"Precious Lambs" Infant Room = 0 - 18 months

In the infant room here at OFC, we strive to provide you and your baby with a happy, healthy learning environment in which your child will thrive. We provide growing experiences throughout the day and follow the routine your child is most comfortable with. Our infant program is structured around the individual needs of each child and we make no effort to force an infant to adapt to a set schedule: they eat, sleep, and play on demand, and are changed at least every two hours.

"Little Shepherds" toddler room = 18 - 30 months

The children transition into the toddler room when they are between the ages of 16 and 20 months, depending on ratios and developmental levels. In this room, children are introduced to the idea of a structured daily routine. They eat meals together, enjoy circle time with group and individual learning activities, have free play, outdoor activity time, and are introduced to the idea of going on the potty as well. 

"Cheerful Givers" Early Preschool Room = 2.5 years - potty-trained

The children transition into the Early Preschool room when they reach 2 1/2 years old. This class is run much like our Preschool class, but with a bit more flexibility in the routine. The focus is on gaining independence and utilizing self-help skills... tasks like toilet training, dressing and undressing, cleaning up after themselves, and choosing what activities they would like to participate in are some of the areas that we focus on.

"Christian Soldiers" Preschool Room = 3 - 5 years

Preschool children are working on getting ready for kindergarten. This class offers the most structured routine and follows the Mother Goose Time curriculum with Christian components as well. Children work, play, learn, and grow together at the various centers in the room (Sensory, Dramatic Play, Creative, Math and Science, etc) and learning experiences are tailored to meet the individual needs of each child.