Full-time / part-time / drop-in / before and after school care

At Our Fathers Child Care, we wish to meet all families' needs. We offer a variety of hourly rates and are happy to meet with every family to discuss the hours and days needed.

"Precious Lambs" Infant Room = 0 - 18 months

In the infant room here at OFC, we strive to provide you and your baby with a happy, healthy learning environment in which your child will thrive. We provide growing experiences throughout the day and follow the routine your child is comfortable with. Our infant program is structured around the individual needs of each child and we make no effort to force an infant to adapt to a set schedule: they eat, sleep, and play on demand, and are changed at least every two hours.




Children ages birth 18 to 19 months Babies are on their own schedules. Which include active play, story time, finger-plays, sensory toys. Activities are to provide experiences for children to succeed. "Behold the Lambs" John 7:36

Ms. Darlene's (mam-maw) There are few things lovelier than Ms. Darlene. her tender -kindness is like a well tended garden- this is a likeness of her love shaped by God with splendor. Our infant program offers a balance of activities that include all the love, patience and joy from the caregivers for each baby's daily experience. Children ages birth to 6 weeks to about 19 months or when space is available attend care in Ms Darlene's room. Parents involvement is a tremendous asset our program and enhance each child's experience. *Babies are on their own schedules. *Christian daily activities. *Active physical play. *lots of story time through books and finger play. * Interactive toys that encourage children to have fun and be filled. *we offer experiences for babies to learn quiet and active play. * Small and large muscle use and materials appropriate for the age. *Pull along toys musical toys. *pop up toys *Sing alone time. *Sensory toys. *Teachers provide a variety of developmentally activities that are selected for learning: *teachers allow for children to see and do using the children's names and providing experience for children to succeed.

"Little Shepherds" toddler room.


The children transition into the toddler room when children are about the age of 18 to 20 months depending on ratios and space available. Activities focus on colors, counting, shapes along with christian activities, prayer time and Bible songs. "A Psalm of David." -Psalm 23

play with counting, colors and shapes. *Active play for physical development. *Interactive toys that encourage children to share and develop social skills we offer experiences for children to learn through quiet and active play large and small muscle use materials and equipment appropriate to the age groups as follows: *Encourage language(with puppets) Manipulative area with blocks beads puzzles and accessories. * crayons and art *music and sensory table. *group, Individual *creative art *teacher provide materials that allows time for the children. *Displays children work and photos. *Teachers provide both sexes with opportunities to talk part in activities and washing and other skills. * teaches set clear behavior. Your child also learns: *Life skills. *Bible teaching times *The colors of learning. *exploring creative expression *science play *hands on ( there is a room where children have fun getting messy. *Magnificent me!!! Through kindness ,love and cheerfulness Ms Erin shows the children how much she loves them!

Cheerful Givers Early Preschool Room

The children transition into the Early Preschool room when children from 2 1/2 years of age until they are 3 and potty trained or when spaces are available. "God loves a Cheerful Giver" - 2 Corinthians 9:7

Early Preschool Room- Ms Tammy- Our program offers a balance of activities in consideration of the child's total daily experience children from about the age of two and a half years to three and or not potty trained there is 1 adult to 8 ratio in the early preschool room.... parental involvement is a tremendous asset to our program and enhances each child's experience. *Christian activity plans. *preschool readiness. *out door play time. *group time, story time and hands on play. *science time. *we also teach about diversity and how to respect differences. *reading center *dramatic play center. *Manipulative center. *writing center. *art time Teachers provide a variety of developmentally appropriate activities and materials that are selected to emphasize learning and to be able to achieve goals such as: uses children name and displays the childrens work and photos and encourages children to draw and tell stories and provides many opportunities control or their bodies and self help skills. We provide experiences in which children can succeed most of the time and yet be challenged to develop their capabilities.


Christian Solders- Preschool Room

"Onward Christian Soldiers." - Ephesians 6:10-20 The children transition into the Preschool room from ages 3 and potty trained and when spaces are available. Christian activities include Bible stories, songs, prayer time. Kindergarten readiness includes numbers, letters, letter sound recognition and more!!!! Centers include Reading, dramatic play, manipulative toys, sensory, art writing and listening centers.

Our Preschool, program offers care and kindergarten readiness to children in each child's learning style. A balance of activities that work together to help each child achieve their maximum potential. Quarterly Progress reports given to parents let the families know where their child is at and what will be learning, participating and accomplishing in: Mathematical content, Social skills, Science, Active play, Manipulative areas, individual and group - staff directed activities, Life application skills, Bible teaching Times, Colors of learning, exploring creation through expression, Hands on every day experiences and self express skills! Ms Aylssa introduces Jesus in every project that the children participate in while learning educational activities for kindergarten.